Marine Air Vent Valves

Brand: RDCO
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$ 180

Product Description

Marine Air Vent Valve or Air Vent Head open or vent the end of air pipes from ballast tanks and oil storage tanks in tankers or ships. Marine Air Vent Valve or Air Vent Head is installed with automatic-closing device which automatically prevent sea water from coming into the pipe during rough or stormy weather. Marine Air Vent Valve or Air Vent Head are highly efficient and rugged in construction suitable for all types of marine installations.Air Vent Heads are used to ventilate tanks on board ships like ballast tanks, fresh water tanks, lubricate oil tanks and fuel oil tanks. The Air Vent Heads are rugged, compact and easy to install on ships and tankers.disc or ball floats are designed to perform under repeated operation and have a very long life under even extreme conditions.

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